Table of Contents: Charts

 1.Inflation Adjusted Gross Domestic Product (%Chge)         29.Balance of International Payments
 2.Consumer Price Index                                      30.Merchandise Imports(%GDP)
 3.Money Supply - M1(%Chge) - M1/Monetary Base               31.Real Estate Foreclosures & Bankruptcies
 4.Money Supply - M2(%Chge) - Monetary Base                  32.Family Income - % Distribution
 5.Money Supply Velocity - M1 & M2                           33.Personal Income Disposition
 6.GDP(Actual & Inflation Adjusted), M1 & M2, CPI            34.Sources Of Personal Income
 7.GDP(Infl. Adj.)divided by Civilian Employment             35.GDP & S&P500 Cumulative % Change Between Recessions
   Inflation Adjusted Median Family Income                   36.Stock Market Averages
 8.Civilian Employment                                       37.Gold & Silver Cash Prices
 9.Civilian Unemployment- Non Workers Per Employee           38.Dow Jones Ind/S&P500 - DJI/S&P500
10.Population,Civilian Labor Force & Immigration             39.GDP/S&P500
11.Fixed Investment Expenditures                             40.OTC Bulletin Board - Avg.Daily Shares & $
12.Fixed Invest.(%GDP)&(%Chge) - Personal Consumption(%GDP)  41.S&P P.E. Ratio, Yield & Price to Book Value
13.Average & Median House $ Family Income $                  42.New York Stock Exchange Avg Monthy Volume
14.Avg House $/Avg Inc $ - Med House $/Med Inc $             43.S&P500 & Gold vs Inflation
15.Avg House $/Med House $ - Avg Inc $/Med Inc $             44.S&P500 Earnings Per Share - Total Corporate Profits
16.Total New Construction                                    45.Corporate Profits (%GDP) - Corp.Taxes %Corp. Profits
17.Residential Units Started and Cost Per Unit               46.Mutual Fund Assets
18.Interest Rates(Short & Long Term)                         47.New Stock Issues & Margin Values
19.Real Interest Rates                                       48.Margin$ vs S&P500
20.Federal Surplus or Deficit                                49.S&P500 Close(%Chge)
21.Government(Fed,State & Local)Expenditures(%GDP)           50.S&P500 Range(%of Close)
22.Government & Private Debt(%Change)                        51.U.S.$ Value
23.Government & Private Debt(%GDP)                           52.Stocks vs Income Index
24.Private Debt                                              53.Life Expectancy (At Birth) & Population Per Physician
25.Municipal & Corporate Bonds                               
26.Government & Private Debt                                 
27.Agriculture, Manufacturing,Finance & Services(%GDP)               
28.International Investment                                  


- There are Generally Two Charts Per 8.5" by 11" Page.
- Many Charts Contain Two or More Graphs to further Break Down Data.
- Most Data Plotted Yearly (1900 Thru 2018).
- Each Chart is Described and It's Relevance Explained if Not Self Evident.
- Analysis Showing the Effect of One Variable on Another (e.g. Total Debt %Chge Explains 17% of the Next Years CPI %Chge)